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2008 Winter/Spring & Summer Retiring List Retiring PartyLite Product from the Winter/Spring 2008 Catalog Pg. 9 Dazzle Beads: Black, Clear, Gold and Red Pg. 12 Nature’s Garden Candle Bowl, Nature’s Garden Pillar Holder 6” and 8”, Nature’s Garden Pillar Holder set of 2 Pg. 14 Hexagon 3-Wick Holder, Tropical Gecko***, Tropical Votive Pair*** Pg. 17 Sahara Sands Pillar Holder, Sahara Sands Pillar Holder Pair Pg. 19 African Inspiration Candle Holder Pair Pg. 20 Venezia Glass Beaded Garland 12” and 48”, Red Glass Beaded Garland 12” and 48” Pg. 23 Global Fusion Pillar Holder with Peglite, Global Fusion Column 9”, 11” and 13”, Global Fusion Pillar Holder Pg. 24 Thai Inspiration 3-Wick Sleeve, Thai Inspiration Pillar Holders, Thai Inspiration Votive Pair Pg. 26 Simply Square Luminary with Stand, Leaf Luminary, Rustic Rock Candle Set Pg. 27 Dusk to Dawn Balcony Votive Holder, Dusk to Dawn Hurricane, Dusk to Dawn Sconce, Stairway of Light Votive Tower Pg. 29 Essentials Candle Base, Essentials Candle Holder Trio Pg. 30 Sunesta Sconce, Sunesta Hurricane 13” and 15”, Sunesta Hurricane Trio Pg. 33 Coral Candle Holder, Starfish Votive Holder, Clarity 3-Wick Tray, Red Glass Beaded Garland 12” and 48”, Lustre Glass Beaded Garland 12” and 48” Pg. 41 Well Being Aroma Melts Warmer, Well Being by PartyLite CD Pg. 43 Squiggles Votive Holder, Groovy Tealight Set, Colorsplash Aroma Melts Warmer Pg. 44 Chatham Snuffer, Modern Creations Snuffer Pg. 46 African Inspiration Aroma Melts Warmer, Cirrus Pair Pg. 48 Vintage Votive Holder Set, Spring Feelings Green Grass Hen Candle Holder, Spring Feelings Hen Candle Holder Set, Spring Feelings Polka Dot Hen Candle Holder, Colander Tealight Pair, Duck Tealight Pair*** Pg. 49 Rooster Metal Shade, Rooster Shade Set, Lustre Pillar/Shade Necklace, Garden Whimsy Tealight Trio with 12 Tealights*** Pg. 50 Paris Retro Hanging Candle Lamp, Paris Retro Tealight Lamp, Paris Retro Votive Holder, Jump for Joy Tealight Holder, Jump for Joy Votive Holder, Asian Persuasion Outdoor Lantern Pg. 51 Symphony Floor Stand & Sconce, Garden Lites Candle Garden Tray, Garden Lites Taper/Ball Holder Pg. 52 Cascade, Optic Peglite, Spiral Lights Tealight Holder, Scroll Sconce, Scroll Taper Sconce Pg. 54 Hearthside Pillar Stand, Glass Hurricane, Country Comfort Hearth Votive Holder, Verona Candle Stand with Glass Hurricane Pg. 55 Infinite Reflections Candle Holder with Tiered Tealight Holder, Infinite Reflections Tiered Tealight Holder Pg. 56 Heart Tealight Holder Pg. 57 Quad Prism, Quad Prism Small Pedestal Pg. 58 Red Glass Beaded Garland 12” and 48”, Smoke Mirrored Tray Set, Lustre Glass Beaded Garland 12” and 48”, Lustre Pillar/Shade Necklace, Elegance Candle Lamp, Elegance Fabric Votive Pair, Elegance Hurricane with Tealight Holder, Elegance Stemmed Pillar Holder 6” and 9”, Amber Pillar/Shade Necklace Pg. 63 Indulgences Sconce, Dazzle Beads: Black, Clear, Gold & Red, Classic Creations Faceted Votive Holder, Classic Creations Faceted Votive Holder Trio Pg. 64 Shimmer Lights Floating Taper Holder, Shimmer Lights Floating Taper Holder Set, Shimmer Lights Glass Votive Trio Set Retiring PartyLite Product from the 2008 Summer Catalog Pg. 4 Linear Lites Pillar Holder Tall 18”***, Linear Lites Pillar Holder Short 14 ½”***, Linear Lites Pillar Holder Set***, Linear Lites Votive Pair***, Linear Lites Hanging Votive Lantern***, Linear Lites Hanging Votive Lantern with Garden Stake***, Shepherd’s Hook Garden Stake***, White Blossom Wax Tealight Holders*** Pg. 5 Terra Cotta Mini Garden Pots Votive Trio, Frog Prince Votive Holder*** Pg. 6 Dragonfly Mini-Stake, Swim Little Fish, Swim Tealight Holder Pair, Porcelain Tealight Shell*** Pg. 7 Luminary Lantern, Terra Cotta Snail Tealight Holder, Terra Cotta Turtle Tealight Holder Candle Fragrances that will retire completely Winter/Spring: Bird of Paradise*** Cherry & Papaya Orchid & Pink Peppercorn Blackberry Honey Exotic Spice Nectartini Spiced Vanilla Wild Fern Yuzu & Lime Summer: Porch Lemonade Summer Thyme Citrus Bloom Citronella Mini Barrel Jar Set Sunrise Layered Slim Hurricane Bestburn Jar Tin Set (Strawberry Fields & Summer Thyme) Candle Sizes/Shapes that will retire completely All fragrances in the 3X5 Round Rustic Pillar Cherry Orchard 2” Mini Ball Cherry Orchard 3” Ball Candle Pair Cherry Orchard 3X5 Scalloped Pillar Cherry Orchard Petite 3-Wick Cherry Orchard Slim Hurricane Bestburn Jar(also pg. 45) Cherry Orchard Reed Diffuser(also pg. 34) French Vanilla 3X7 Bell Top Pillar French Vanilla Slim Hurricane Bestburn Jar(also pg. 45) Ginger Lemon Meringue Pie Petite 3-Wick Ginger Lemon Meringue Pie Scent Plus Votives(also pg. 46) Honeydew 3X3-3X5 – 3X7 round pillar Nectartini and Cherry Orchard Gift Tin Set(also pg. 43) Nectartini and Cherry Orchard Layered Barrel Jar(also pg. 45) Strawberry Rhubarb Petite 3-Wick Teakwood and Cardamom 3X6 Square Striated Pillar Well Being Relax, Revitalize & Unwind Aroma Melts(also pg. 41) Ivory Unscented 3-Wick Blue Unscented 10” Handipt Tapers Fuschia Unscented 10” Handipt Tapers Rustic Rock Candles-set of 3 Fruit Fiesta Slim Hurricane Bestburn Jar(also pg.45) Fruit Medley Mini Barrel Jar Set(also pg. 45) ***Items that will return next year Winter/Spring Catalog available through July 31, 2008 Summer Catalog available through September 30, 2008