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Fall / Holiday 2009 Eliminations List

11/10/2009 12:00 AM - 12/31/2009 12:00 AM

Some Items are already sold out. Contact me with any questions. Item # Accessory Description Item # Accessory Description FALL/HOLIDAY 2009 Eliminations List Last Date to Order: December 31st, 2009 P90043 Alluring Amber Vase P8017 Antique Brass Cross Votive Sconce P9612 Antique Brass Sconce P9990 Arctica Polar Bear Family Tealight Holder P9794 Baroque Angel™ Tealight Holder P9983 Birch Pillar Hurricane P9920 Birch Tealgiht Trio P9415 Black Cat Tealight Holder P90013 Black Kitten Tealight Holder P8977 Change-O-Luminary P9896 "Checking His List" Tealight Holder - African American P9841 "Checking His List" Tealight Holder - Caucasian P95176 Christmas Around the World Gift Set P9222 Clarity™ 5" Taper/Tealight Holder P9221 Clarity™ 7" Taper/Tealight Holder P9208 Clarity™ Pillar Tray P9224C Clarity™ Taper/Tealight Trio P9207 Clarity™ Tealight/Mini Ball Trio P9223 Clarity™ Votive/Taper/Tealight Holder P9865 Classico Nuovo™ Candle Holder P9868 Classico Nuovo™ Hurricane P9610 Coastal Lights™ Nautilus Shell P9873 Coastal Lights™ Oyster Shell P9972 Comfy Cozy™ Aroma Melts™ Warmer P9680 Couture™ Pillar Hurricane P9759 Creative Capers™ Candle Holder P9759A Creative Capers™ Candle Holder Set of 2 P9961 Eerie Eyes Tealight Holder with 12 Tealights( Halloween Nights) P9706 Essentials Pillar Garden Tray P9806 Exotic Roots Tealight/Incense Holder P9450 Express It!™ Votive Luminary P9929 Falling Leaves Square Tealight Holders Set of 3 P9964 Ghoulie Aroma Melts™ Warmer P9945 Glass Taper Holder Pair P9903A Gold Mosaic Columns P9902 Gold Mosaic Hurricane P9928 Gold Mosaic Hurricane & Universal tree P9766 Gold Versatility Votive Pair P9748 Golden Lustre Votive Holder P9958 Golden Pear Tealight Globe P9957 Golden Pear Tealight Tree P9982 Golden Silhouette 3-Wick Holder P9851 Gusto!™ Candle Holder Set in Giftbox P9851A Gusto!™ Candle Holder Set in Giftbox Pair P9744 Hampton™ Taper/Tealight Hurricane P9941 Happy Hanukkah Votive Holder P9065 Haunted Tealight Tree P95112 Heart Tealight Holder with 12 Tealights P9927 Heirloom Angel Tealight Holder P9104 Heirloom Nativity Tealight Creche D802 Herbal Leaves Scents of Ambiance Diffuser P9926 Holiday Book Tealight Holders Set of 2 P95171 Holiday Cheer Gift Set P90080 Holiday Mini Barrel Jar Shade P9828 Hurricane with Antique Brass Hanger P9790 Indian Summer™ Candle Holder P9791 Indian Summer™ Pillar Holder P90001 Indian Summer™ 3-Wick Holder P9945S Mabel Baker 90th Anniversary Gift Set P9940 Merry Christmas Votive Holder Pair (one of each color) P9919 Moose Votive Holder P9774 Mr. Pumpkin Head P90003 New Chalet Tealight Holder P9954 Peppermint Bark Votive Gift Set P9953 Peppermint Delight Aroma Melts™ Warmer P90077 Peppermint Delight Pillar Holder P9952 Peppermint Delight Tealight House P95053 Photo Ornament Gift Set AC700 Plum & Cognac™ Scents of Illumination D805 Poinsettia Scents of Ambiance Diffuser P9971 Pumpkin Patch Refillable Holder with Lid P8979 Pumpkin Pillar Holder P9937 Red Twirls Decorative Sleeve - 6" P9936 Red Twirls Decorative Sleeve - 8" P9936C Red Twirls Decorative Sleeves - 6" & 8" P9856 Remix™ Sphere Tealight Holder P9799 Remix™ Tealight Lamp P9897 Ruby Red 3-Wick Holder P9099 Ruby Red Hurricane P9885 Ruby Red Taper Holders P9702 Sahara Sands™ Bowl P9871 Sahara Sands™ Lamp P9892 Snowbell Tealight Holder P9462 Snowflake Tealight Pair P9622 Spa Votive Cup P9773 Sparkle Lite Crystal™ Angel P9956 Sparkle Lite™ Crystal Santa P95211 Spooky Cat Votive Holder (with 6 Halloween Night Votives) P9778 Spooky Ghost Tealight Pair P9959 Spooky Hat Tealight House P95177 Sweets & Treats Gift Set G87744 Tamboti Safari Decorative Tin D801 Terra Cotta Blossom Scents of Ambiance Diffuser P9333 Thai Inspiration™ Medium Pillar Sleeve P9172C Thai Inspiration™ Pillar Sleeve Set P9332 Thai Inspiration™ Short Pillar Sleeve P9172 Thai Inspiration™ Tall Pillar Sleeve P9849 Tortoise Shell™ Decorative Jar Shade P95086 Whispering Leaves™ Tealight Trio with Clementine & Clove Tealights P9758 Whispering Pines™ Votive Tree - 12 1/2" P9756 Whispering Pines™ Votive Tree - 9 1/2" P9756A Whispering Pines™ Votive Tree Pair Complete Personal Care Items B96206 Apple Orchard Body Escentials Body Lotion B95206 Apple Orchard Body Escentials Body Wash B95206C Apple Orchard Body Escentials Body Wash & Lotion F07224 Grapefruit Fresh™ Fresh Home Hand Wash & Hand Lotion Set F07170 Sun-Kissed Cotton™ Fresh Home Hand Wash & Hand Lotion Set Complete Candles S65206 Apple Orchard 6"x5" Petite 3-wick M37400 Bird of Paradise™ 3"x7" Round Mottled Layered G05181 French Vanilla Slim Hurricane Jar F05224 Grapefruit Fresh™ Fresh Home by PartyLite Scented Jar G11154 Mango Tangerine Barrel Jar Candle G88130 Mangosteen Splash™ Well Being Spa Bestburn Jar C3329 Mulberry 3"x3" Round Pillar C3529 Mulberry 3"x5" Round Pillar M3729 Mulberry 3"x7" Round Mottled Layered C3729 Mulberry 3"x7" Round Pillar S6829 Mulberry 6"x8" 3-wick M37282 Raspberry & Thyme 3"x7" Round Mottled Layered G11282 Raspberry & Thyme Barrel Jar Candle S68642 Seaside Mist™ 6"x8" 3-wick G05642 Seaside Mist™ Slim Hurricane Jar C46272 Strawberry Rhubarb 4"x6" 3-wick Pillar G87272 Strawberry Rhubarb Decorative Tin F05170 Sun-Kissed Cotton™ Fresh Home by PartyLite Scented Jar Complete Air Care Items MD181 French Vanilla Mini Reed Diffuser F04224 Grapefruit Fresh™ Fresh Home by PartyLite Scented Garland F08224 Grapefruit Fresh™ Fresh Home Room Fragrance F09224 Grapefruit Fresh™ Fresh Home Sachets P90045154 Mango Tangerine Scent 4U Fan with Refill S4U154 Mango Tangerine Scent 4U Refill F09170 Sun-Kissed Cotton™ Fresh Home Sachets F04170 Sun-Kissed Cotton™ Fresh Home by PartyLite Scented Garland F08170 Sun-Kissed Cotton™ Fresh Home Room Fragrance Bold indicates currently scheduled to return in Fall/Holiday 2010 Rev.11/11/09 Agave Nectar™ Bayberry Berry Peach Cinnamon & Bayberry Cinnamon Sticks Clementine & Clove™ Coconut Milk Chocolate Cranberry Delight Frosted Pines™ Ginger Pumpkin Halloween Night Hinoki Steam™ Holiday Spices™ Homemade Cookies Iced Snowberries™ New Leaf & Aloe™ Peppermint Bark Peppermint Magic™ Teakwood & Cardamom™ White Gardenia Truffle™ Complete Fragrances All Forms