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Quality Time is something very important to me........

Finding The Spirit To “Carry On…” (as printed in Chicken Soup for the PartyLite Soul, page 21) How could I have known that joining PartyLite back in November of 1997 would have such a powerful impact on my life? It was an act of desperation at the time. I had just been laid off from my job in the health care field. My little girl Lindsey had a very rare, life-threatening congenital syndrome. She required constant care, and the medical bills were devastating. Her special needs ruled out daycare. I had to find a way to supplement the family income by at least $1,000 a month. And more than anything, I wanted to be there for my “angel baby” Lindsey and give her all my love and attention and to provide the best life she could have. After holding my first couple of PartyLite shows, I considered myself a complete failure. I was in tears and telling myself I couldn’t do this, when in my heart I knew I had no choice. I had to make this work for Lindsey’s sake. So I carried on. Within my first year I started building a sales team, the “Lites for Lindsey” Unit and earned almost $40,000. I could be there for Lindsey all day, and my husband could take over at night as our family didn’t live close enough to help out on a daily basis. We were tackling the medical bills. Things were looking up…but not for long. Lindsey’s health took a turn for the worse. She required several surgeries and extensive hospital stays. The bills mounted. My marriage broke up. I was a single Mom of a special needs child but thanks to my PartyLite Income and my PartyLite Family we survived and carried on. Life was getting better. There was a new man in our life, Carlton, and we were married in March, 2001. He and Lindsey adored each other which still makes my heart smile. Things were good until Lindsey’s condition began to worsen again. This time was severe. Her health deteriorated rapidly. More doctors and hospital stays ending with Lindsey, at the age of 5, passing away. It was July, 2002. I had lost the light of my life. But I would carry on, determined our team would shine in her memory; “Lindsey’s Lite will Forever Shine Brite!” I couldn’t do any more for Lindsey, as now she is whole and perfect, but I could help my team follow their dreams. I channeled all the positive energy I could muster back into my business. And once again, things began to look up. True to my record of never missing a PartyLite meeting, a very pregnant me attended our regional meeting in August, 2003, and went into labor five minutes before the meeting was over! It was 4 weeks sooner than planned but a very HEALTHY and handsome boy, Zachary, was born. We were and are very thankful! Carlton has been my rock, my “Candle Man,” helping me with all kinds of business activities, from assembling Hostess packets to labeling tealights and even being the musical “deejay” for our regional meetings for over 5 years! Since he works for the Power and Light Company, I get to say silly things like “together we light up Houston and the surrounding area!” With his support I have been able to earn PartyLite expense-paid trips, every year for two, to Hawaii, Aruba, Atlantis, Cancun, and a Caribbean cruise. I have also earned bonus (more money) every month since beginning PartyLite; reaching double bonus consistently for the last 4 years with only 1 exception, January, 2006. Our second son, Jesse, was born in December, 2005. Another little boy in our lives! A playmate for Zachary. We were thrilled. Then, all too soon, the doctors recognized that something was wrong. I heard the words “severe,” “congenital,” and “unknown,” words that were all too familiar. Jesse could hardly breathe. I could hardly breathe. They said it couldn’t happen again. Different fathers…no chance. But chance was not with us. Jesse’s condition was even more rare and more critical than Lindsey’s ever was. The doctors never expected Jesse to live, much less leave the hospital. God, and Jesse, willed it otherwise. After seven weeks, we brought him home and turned our den into a hospital room. The important thing is he’s here with us, with the power of Mommy and Daddy’s love, and the power of prayer, to give him the best life he can possibly have for as long as we have him. And we carry on … My heart has been broken, but my spirit has not, thanks in large part to my PartyLite business. A couple of nights a week I get to put on my happy face, meet new people, make new friends, and have fun at my candle shows. Plus, I have “Lindsey’s Lite,” along with Zachary and Jesse to help keep me focused and positive. My PartyLite Family, now my Life-long friends, have been here for me through all these trying times. Their dreams are my dreams. I can never let them down. I want them to have the freedom and flexibility to carry on toward whatever it is they want most in life. When I become a Regional Vice President very soon, the “Carry On…” Region will prove that no challenge is too great for us to conquer together.