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PartyLite® Candles Catalog Winter/Spring 2011 Full Retired List

PartyLite has just released the list of products and candles that will no longer be available as of 7/31/2011 unless otherwise noted. To stock up on your favorites, order online here or email Accessories P90571 5-Wick Glass Tray P9785 Amethyst Hurricane P90629 Amethyst Tealight Holder P8016 Antique Brass Aroma Melts™ Warmer P90108 Antique Silver Lantern P90666 Apricot Daisy™ Pillar Holder P90659 Apricot Daisy™ Refillable Holder P90661 Bamboo Tealight Holder P90277 Banana Leaf Pillar Tray P90554* Cherry Blossom Centerpiece P90556* Cherry Blossom Lantern P90639* Cherry Blossom Mini Barrel Jar Shade P90665 Cherry Blossom Pillar Holder P90657 Cherry Blossom Refillable Holder P90553* Cherry Blossom Votive Holder P90527 Classic Style™ Candle Lamp P90449 Classic White Square Pillar Tray P90588 Color Lites™ Clear Mini Barrel Jar Shade and One Mini Barrel Jar P90582 Color Lites™ Clear Tealight Holder and One Dozen Tealights P90576 Color Lites™ Clear Votive Holder and One Dozen Votives P90591 Color Lites™ Green Mini Barrel Jar Shade and One Mini Barrel Jar P90585 Color Lites™ Green Tealight Holder and One Dozen Tealights P90579 Color Lites™ Green Votive Holder and One Dozen Votives P90592 Color Lites™ Orange Mini Barrel Jar Shade and One Mini Barrel Jar P90586 Color Lites™ Orange Tealight Holder and One Dozen Tealights P90580 Color Lites™ Orange Votive Holder and One Dozen Votives P90589 Color Lites™ Pink Mini Barrel Jar Shade and One Mini Barrel Jar P90583 Color Lites™ Pink Tealight Holder and One Dozen Tealights P90577 Color Lites™ Pink Votive Holder and One Dozen Votives P90590 Color Lites™ Purple Mini Barrel Jar Shade and One Mini Barrel Jar P90584 Color Lites™ Purple Tealight Holder and One Dozen Tealights P90578 Color Lites™ Purple Votive Holder and One Dozen Votives P90593 Color Lites™ Turquoise Mini Barrel Jar Shade and One Mini Barrel Jar P90587 Color Lites™ Turquoise Tealight Holder and One Dozen Tealights P90581 Color Lites™ Turquoise Votive Holder and One Dozen Votives P9784 Couture™ Hearthside Candle Holder with Three Panels P90112L Cross Wall Sconce 18" P90112 Cross Wall Sconce - Set of Three P90634 Gaia™ Fragrance Warmer - Blue P90635 Gaia™ Fragrance Warmer - Green P90633 Gaia™ Fragrance Warmer - Purple P9769 Garden Lites™ Aroma Melts™ Warmer P90089P Global Ambiance™ Mini P90089 Global Ambiance™ Minis P8366 Global Fusion™ Hurricane P9200 Global Fusion™ Multi-Votive Centerpiece P90126 Hammered Silver 3-Wick Holder P8919 Infinite Reflections™ Candle Holder P90673 Infinite Reflections Prism™ Tealight Holder P90729 Lily Pad Pillar Holder P90240 Lotus Scroll Floor Stand and Sconce P90128 Mercury Glass Pillar Holders P90509 Mercury Glass Tealight Holder P90132 Mirrored Star Wall Sconce P90278 Noir Candle Tray / Charger P90160 Rainforest Renewal Votive Holder P95077 Sabor Isleño Aroma Melts™ Warmer P90646 Santorini™ Multi Tealight Lamp P90669 Santorini™ Stemmed Votive Trio P90670 Santorini™ Tealight Trio P90607* ScentGlow™ Change-O-Warmer™ P90604** ScentGlow™ Enchanted Frog Prince P90598 ScentGlow™ Warmer Amethyst Dynasty™ P90606** ScentGlow™ Warmer Cherry Blossom P90605** ScentGlow™ Warmer Daisies Galore™ P90599 ScentGlow™ Warmer Dazzling Dynasty™ P90037 Siena Lights™ Hurricane P90037S Siena Lights™ Hurricane and Universal Tealight Tree P90022 Siena Lights™ Multi-Tealight Lamp P9930S Siena Lights™ Stemmed Tealight Holder 6" P9930M Siena Lights™ Stemmed Tealight Holder 7" P9930T Siena Lights™ Stemmed Tealight Holder 8" P9930 Siena Lights™ Stemmed Tealight Holders - Set of Three P90034 Siena Lights™ Tealight Trio P90678 Sunny Days™ Gardening Tealight Holder P90676 Sunny Days™ Planting Tealight Holder P90662 Swan Tealight Holders W4201 Tulip Peglite P9202 Verona™ Versatility Sconce P90540 Villa Bianca™ Pillar Holder P90107 Vintage Copper Lantern Air Care P95162 Ancient Ruins™ Decorative Orb Set RR305 Apricot Daisy™ Fragrance Oil FW550 Aroma Conscentrate™ Bamboo Mist™ FW138 Aroma Conscentrate™ Tropical Waterfall FW143** Aroma Conscentrate™ Calm Waters™ FW678 Aroma Conscentrate™ Essence of Lavender RR550 Bamboo Mist™ Fragrance Oil P910550 Bamboo Mist™ Scent 4U Refill RR699 Black Orchid™ Fragrance Oil P910286* Black Raspberry Scent 4U Refill PS286 Black Raspberry S-Pod™ Refill RR286 Black Raspberry Tri-Glow™ Fragrance Oil RD286 Black Raspberry Tri-Glow™ Reed Diffuser P90903* Blue Reed Diffuser Bottle and Fragrance Oil RR143** Calm Waters™ Fragrance Oil P910143 Calm Waters™ Scent 4U Refill RH143 Calm Waters™ Scented Oil RR230 Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil RH230 Cherry Blossom Scented Oil P90743 Contempo™ Blue Reed Diffuser & Tealight Holder P90622 Contempo™ Green Reed Diffuser & Tealight Holder P90608 Decorative Reeds - Bamboo (Set of 2) P90610* Decorative Reeds - Calla Lily (Set of 2) P90609 Decorative Reeds - Cherry Blossom (Set of 2) P910438* Ebony Wood & Patchouli Scent 4U Refill RH438 Ebony Wood & Patchouli Scented Oil PS438 Ebony Wood & Patchouli S-Pod™ Refill P910678 Essence of Lavender Scent 4U Refill P95185 ExpreScents™ Collectible Keepsakes - Bride and Groom P90573 ExpreScents™ Collectible Keepsakes - Friendship P95210 ExpreScents™ Collectible Keepsakes - Mother and Child P910181 French Vanilla Scent 4U Refill RH181 French Vanilla Scented Oil P90567* Illuminescents™ Fragrance Warmer - Cherry Blossom P90625 Illuminescents™ Fragrance Warmer - Daisy Blossom P90897 Pink Reed Diffuser Bottle and Fragrance Oil P90901 Purple Reed Diffuser Bottle and Fragrance Oil P90047 Rainforest Renewal Artglass Vase P90444 Scent 4U Fan - White P90620 Scents of Ambiance™ - Sunrise Melody™ P90613 Scents of Ambiance™ - Love Birds AC119 Scents of Illumination™ Champagne Pear™ AC119A Scents of Illumination™ Champagne Pear™ (Set of 2) AC253 Scents of Illumination™ Tuscan Vineyards™ AC253A Scents of Illumination™ Tuscan Vineyards™ (Set of 2) RR642 Seaside Mist™ Tri-Glow™ Fragrance Oil RD642 Seaside Mist™ Tri-Glow™ Reed Diffuser P90626 Simply Lavender Plush Animal - Lavender Bunny Hop™ P90489 Simply Lavender Plush Animal - Lulla-Baa™ PS550 S-Pod™ Refill Bamboo Mist™ (Set of 2) PS143 S-Pod™ Refill Calm Waters™ (Set of 2) PS181 S-Pod™ Refill French Vanilla (Set of 2) PS678 S-Pod™ Refill Essence of Lavender (Set of 2) P90564 S-Pod™ Travel Unit Green P90565 S-Pod™ Travel Unit Orange P90504 S-Pod™ Travel Unit Pink P90507 S-Pod™ Travel Unit Purple P90506 S-Pod™ Travel Unit Teal P90503 S-Pod™ Travel Unit White P90617* Stackable Reed Diffuser Holder RH272 Strawberry Rhubarb Scented Oil P95075 Symmetry 3 in 1 Holder RR10138 Tropical Waterfall Tri-Glow™ Fragrance Oil RD10138 Tropical Waterfall Tri-Glow™ Reed Diffuser Candles 3" Ball Candles Q36286 Black Raspberry Q36143 Calm Waters™ Q3652 Honeydew Q36179 Pure Vanilla Crème 3" x 3" Pillars C330206 Apple Orchard C33305 Apricot Daisy™ C33550 Bamboo Mist™ C33699 Black Orchid™ C33643 Ocean Mist™ C33179 Pure Vanilla Crème 3" x 5" Pillars C350206 Apple Orchard C35305 Apricot Daisy™ C35550 Bamboo Mist™ C35699 Black Orchid™ C35643 Ocean Mist™ C35179 Pure Vanilla Crème 3" x 7" Pillars C37206 Apple Orchard C37305 Apricot Daisy™ C37550 Bamboo Mist™ C37699 Black Orchid™ C37643 Ocean Mist™ C37179 Pure Vanilla Crème C37150 White Lily 3" x 7" Layered Pillars M37305 Apricot Daisy™ M37230 Cherry Blossom M37243 Island Nectar™ M37642 Seaside Mist™ M37138 Tropical Waterfall 6" x 5" 3-Wick Pillars S65206 Apple Orchard S65699 Black Orchid™ S65678 Essence of Lavender S6552* Honeydew S65154 Mango Tangerine S65643 Ocean Mist™ 6" x 6" 5-Wick Pillars - This form is retiring and will no longer be available. S66550 Bamboo Mist™ S66286 Black Raspberry S66438 Ebony Wood & Patchouli S66181 French Vanilla 10" Handipt Taper P07680* Purple Aroma Simmers® Z25206 Apple Orchard Z25143 Calm Waters™ Z2552 Honeydew Z25154 Mango Tangerine Z2529 Mulberry Z25179 Pure Vanilla Crème Aroma Melts™ Z26206 Apple Orchard Z26305 Apricot Daisy™ Z26438 Ebonywood & Patchouli Z26678 Essence of Lavender Z26272 Strawberry Rhubarb Barrel Jars G11206 Apple Orchard G11305 Apricot Daisy™ G11550 Bamboo Mist™ G11143 Calm Waters™ G11678 Essence of Lavender G11181 French Vanilla G11643 Ocean Mist™ G11179 Pure Vanilla Crème G11272 Strawberry Rhubarb Bestburn® Candle Refills - This form is retiring and will no longer be available. S33305 Apricot Daisy™ S33143** Calm Waters™ S33230 Cherry Blossom S33243 Island Nectar™ S3329 Mulberry S33272 Strawberry Rhubarb Candle Gift Sets P96003 Fresh Pickings™ P95251 Simple Luxury™ P96005 Sunshine Breeze Celebration Candles P95021 Celebration Candles Just Desserts™ 3-Wick Wax Filled Bowl P17206 Apple Pie a la Mode P17286 Black Raspberry Bombe™ P17129 Mulberry Vanilla Delight™ P17430 Vanilla - Dulce de Leche P17179 Vanilla Strawberry Rhubarb Twist™ Single Servings™ by PartyLite G10206 Apple Pie a la Mode G10286 Black Raspberry Bombe™ G10129 Mulberry Vanilla Delight™ G10430 Vanilla - Dulce de Leche G10179 Vanilla Strawberry Rhubarb Twist™ Large Tealights V05206 Apple Orchard V05550 Bamboo Mist™ V05286 Black Raspberry V05143** Calm Waters™ V05438 Ebony Wood & Patchouli V05678 Essence of Lavender V05150 White Lily Layered Slim Hurricane Jars G05550 Bamboo Mist™ G05138 Tropical Waterfall Limited Edition Classics 3-Wick Bowls G3482 Black Cherry G34423 Cedar Patchouli G34415 Coconut Cove™ G3471 Grape G3491 Lemongrass G3467 Lilac G34443 Teakwood & Cardamom™ Mini Barrel Jars G33741 Amber Dream G33305 Apricot Daisy™ G33177* Banana Leaf G33743 Caramel Pear Brulee™ G33423 Cedar Patchouli G33119 Champagne Pear™ G33415* Coconut Cove™ G33430 Dulce de Leche™ G3371 Grape G3352* Honeydew G33132 Icing on the Cake G33243 Island Nectar™ G3391* Lemongrass G3367* Lilac G33154 Mango Tangerine G33643 Ocean Mist™ G3328 Raspberry G33642 Seaside Mist™ G3337 Spiced Plum G33219 Strawberry Fields™ G33443 Teakwood & Cardamom™ G33138 Tropical Waterfall G33253 Tuscan Vineyards™ G33439 Vintage Leather G33150* White Lily G33245 Wild Rose Pillar Gardens P95305 Apple Orchard P95238 Apricot Daisy™ P95242 Bamboo Mist™ P95239 Black Orchid™ P95240 Ocean Mist™ Samplers P95300 16-Piece Votive Sampler P95355 30-Piece Aroma Melts/Tealight Sampler P95303 32-Piece Tealight Sampler P95363 Aromatherapy Soy Tealight Sampler Scent Plus® Melts SX741 Amber Dream SX305 Apricot Daisy™ SX177* Banana Leaf SX743 Caramel Pear Brulee™ SX423 Cedar Patchouli SX119 Champagne Pear™ SX415* Coconut Cove™ SX430 Dulce de Leche™ SX71 Grape SX52 Honeydew SX132 Icing on the Cake SX243 Island Nectar™ SX91* Lemongrass SX67* Lilac SX154* Mango Tangerine SX643 Ocean Mist™ SX28 Raspberry SX642 Seaside Mist™ SX37 Spiced Plum SX219 Strawberry Fields™ SX443 Teakwood & Cardamom™ SX138 Tropical Waterfall SX253 Tuscan Vineyards™ SX439 Vintage Leather SX150* White Lily SX245 Wild Rose Specialty Candles G24305 Apricot Daisy™ Gift Jar Candle G24230 Cherry Blossom Gift Jar Candle G30154 Mango Tangerine Layered Egg-Shaped Jar Candle G30272 Strawberry Rhubarb Layered Egg-Shaped Jar Candle Universal Tealights® V04741 Amber Dream V04305 Apricot Daisy™ V04177* Banana Leaf V04743 Caramel Pear Brulee™ V04423 Cedar Patchouli V04119 Champagne Pear™ V04415* Coconut Cove™ V04430 Dulce de Leche™ V0471 Grape V0452* Honeydew V04132 Icing on the Cake V04243 Island Nectar™ V0491* Lemongrass V0467* Lilac V04154* Mango Tangerine V04643 Ocean Mist™ V0428 Raspberry V04642 Seaside Mist™ V0437 Spiced Plum V04219 Strawberry Fields™ V04443 Teakwood & Cardamom™ V04138 Tropical Waterfall V04253 Tuscan Vineyards™ V04439 Vintage Leather V04150* White Lily V04245 Wild Rose Utility Candle A0211 Spiced Vanilla Votives 6-pack V06741 Amber Dream V06305 Apricot Daisy™ V06177* Banana Leaf V06743 Caramel Pear Brulee™ V06423 Cedar Patchouli V06119 Champagne Pear™ V06415* Coconut Cove™ V06430 Dulce de Leche™ V0671 Grape V0652* Honeydew V06132 Icing on the Cake V06243 Island Nectar™ V0691* Lemongrass V0667* Lilac V06154* Mango Tangerine V06643 Ocean Mist™ V0628 Raspberry V06642 Seaside Mist™ V0637 Spiced Plum V06219 Strawberry Fields™ V06443 Teakwood & Cardamom™ V06138 Tropical Waterfall V06253 Tuscan Vineyards™ V06439 Vintage Leather V06150* White Lily V06245 Wild Rose Personal Care P95253 Amazing Hands™ Gift Set P95066 Essence of Lavender Guest Soap B8910 Well Being Spa® Hand Therapy B9310 Well Being Spa® Instant Manicure Two SisterS Gourmet® By PARTYLITE® T296 Acai Berry and Cherry Preserves T987 Everyday Gourmet! Gift Set T1100 Incredible Creamy Caramel Sauce T345 Lemony Fresh Dill Blend T986 Magnificent Mustards Set T2903 Mild Madras Curry Simmerin' Sauce T990 Savvy Sampler Gift Set T2900 Serious Steak and Grilling Sauce T932 Spice up the Season Set T189* Summer Fruit Crisp Mix T190 Tropical Coconut Cheeseball Mix T210 Vermont Maple Dijon Grilling Sauce Weddings & Special Occasions Available in the Weddings & Special Occasions brochure until December 31, 2011 or while supplies last W1108 Autumn Bliss W1120 Baby Love W1146 Blossoming Beauty W1105 Colors of Fall W1139 Cuddling Fragrance Simply Lavender™ Bunny Hop™ W1138 Cuddling Fragrance Simply Lavender™ Lulla-Baa™ W1101 Enchanting W1109 Everlasting Love W1115 Everything Glitters W1103 Expressions of Love W1136 Friends Forever W1107 Glowing Moments W1134 Happily Ever After W1106 Harvest Reflections W1114 Head over Heels W1137 Heavenly Blessings W1145 Just Exquisite W1135 Motherly Love W1140 Naturally Uplifting P90582 Pretty Posy W1113 Purple Passion W1117 Quinceañera W1119 Rite of Passage W1143 Safari Escape For Her W1142 Safari Escape For Him W1125 Scented Send-Offs Apple Orchard W1123 Scented Send-Offs Bamboo Mist™ W1128 Scented Send-Offs Banana Leaf W1130 Scented Send-Offs Black Raspberry W1126 Scented Send-Offs Champagne Pear™ W1133 Scented Send-Offs Ebony Wood & Patchouli W1122 Scented Send-Offs French Vanilla W1124 Scented Send-Offs Icing on the Cake W1127 Scented Send-Offs Island Nectar™ W1132 Scented Send-Offs Ocean Mist™ W1131 Scented Send-Offs Strawberry Fields™ W1129 Scented Send-Offs Tropical Waterfall W1111 Seascape W1110 Serenity W1116 Simply Stated W1104 Smitten with You W1112 Summer Winds W1121 Swan Lake W1144 Tall, Dark & Handsome W1118 Teen Dream W1102 Timeless Elegance W1141 Token of Affection * Tentatively scheduled to return in Winter/Spring 2012 ** Are available through 8/31/11