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Host Your Own Show

Why should you have a Show in your own home? First, just because it's fun. You'll really enjoy an evening with friends, because it's always interesting to see the new candles, imagine where you'd use them, and learn new decorating ideas. But having a Show means so much more - particularly because you can get your choice of candles or accessories FREE, depending on the Show sales and bookings. For example, with a $400 Show and one booking, you could choose $100 worth of your favorites. That's a lot of candles! And there's more! Every month Hostesses can buy some of our most popular products at very special prices. (See the "Special Offers" section of this site for this month's Hostess Specials.) And starting at $250 in sales at your Show, you can choose any item in the catalog at half-price. You could redecorate a whole room with very little money! Click on "Contact Me" to send me an e-mail requesting a Show date. Then I'll get back to you right away to confirm the date and provide you with your exclusive Hostess password so you can start your own Wish List of all the things you want. Together, we'll get you a lot of candles and have fun doing it!