International Women's Day

At PartyLite we're lucky enough to have a huge number of women working with us every single day. Our amazing community of Consultants is full of unique, ambitious and brilliant women who make us proud to be PartyLite. 

That's why we couldn't resist celebrating them this International Women's Day! Each one of them has their own unique story, of course, so we asked just a handful to tell us a little bit of theirs. We asked them what they love about being their own boss, whether it's working online, working from home or simply having fun with our amazing community!

"I was always a follower in my previous jobs. I never quite had the confidence to voice my good ideas, or strike out on my own to make something new happen. It changed when I started with PartyLite, more than I excepted. I thought I would simply sell for fun, but soon found I was learning and growing. When I've had ideas or questions, I've always been able to to share them and get valuable advice and feedback. PartyLite's round the clock support gave me the strength to go my own way and I love it."

- Anna-Lena, Segersta, Sweden

"I used to think I was always going to be a bold career woman, but didn't dare tell anyone that I wanted to run my own business. It felt like something ordinary people don't achieve in real life! A friend recommended PartyLite to me, and it immediately clicked. No pressure to "sell, sell, sell!" no risk to buy products in advance, no boring 9-5 hours I had to stick to. My own business is now growing, and I'm so proud."

- Jennifer, Virginia, USA

"Life is too short to stress all day, that's what I always say. Theres more to life than work and I think we're all guilty of forgetting that sometimes. I chose PartyLite because it's flexible and that works for me. I earn online with my eshop, and offline at parties, and I only schedule as many parties as I can handle that month. Its ideal."

- Teresa, Michigan, USA

With PartyLite, we believe you have the opportunity to make your own dream job come to life. You can take hold of an opportunity that unlocks flexible working, a job that's as big or small as you want it to be. Want to join in and find your own path? Speak to a Consultant today and you can become a Proud PartyLite Woman too.